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Adelaide Kane and Torrance Coombs at the 54th Monte Carlo TV festival.

"I can feel myself growing harder". [x]

A good businessman always knows what something is worth. And to me … Greer is priceless.

I believe that they love each other so deeply, and that you know, that they will overcome plenty of obstacles, but the tragedy of their love is the duty to their countries. They have jobs and responsibilities that are so much larger than their love for each other… the challenge for them is to find ways to navigate that, all their conflicting interests, the way they’re pulled in different directions, both before and after their marriage. It’s a great challenge as a couple and I think it’s a great challenge as a writer to see a couple who really love each other but there’s a genuine obstacle between them, and that is that she is the queen of Scotland and he is the future king of France. Laurie McCarthy


Higher Ground
                             I suppose innocence is all relative. I wonder how long Mary’s will last. Because once it’s gone, it can never be reclaimed.

Francis & Mary + Looks

I want to go home // Come back to me


Francis + his reaction when Mary tells him that she loves him